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At 22, UC Riverside senior Presley is quite a bit more mature and self-assured than college juniors typically are. She is also fiercly independent and sets boundaries shortly after getting in my car when I pick her up form the airport. No nudity while we're driving, because she's a 'rule girl'. She also says she's a hippie - one who likes knitting and cleaning - so there's definitely an interesting duality going on with her. Presley likes rules and has high standards, which she isn't shy about enforcing when it comes to her sex life. Even she admits her friends sometimes call her too honest at times. They're right. She doesn't beat around the bush when she tells us what she doesn't like on a guy, and even I am starting to sweat hoping I'll measure up. (This girl's not a pushover, that's for sure.) When she takes a smoke break on the hotel's patio it's time to find out. She's got a wall up but I'm giving my best to tear that down some, and fast. I explore her pussy a little (nice!) and at that point I'm surprised she's even letting me do that. In fact Her Majesty is enjoying my exploring hands a lot more than I thought she would. Having pushed that envelope it's time to see if she'll give me head out here and to my surprise she does. Very well in fact. Presley is turned on as much as I am but I still feel like I'm betting the farm when I tell her to get ready to be fucked doggy style outside. Is she going to run out on me now? Oh no, quite the contrary. Now Presley seems a lot more comfortable with me. She's actually starting to be nice to me LOL. Apparently I do measure up to her standards. Now let's see if she measures up to MINE. I got a peek at her body when we did the photos but now I take my time to explore her tight physique in depth. And yes, I really like what I'm seeing and feeling. Presley enjoys the attention, too. But there's something she said earlier that kinda keeps bothering me... One of the things she's adamant about is that most guys don't know how to perform oral properly on a girl. So of course I'm determined to prove her wrong, or at least an exception to her rule. I get Presley into position and put on my bravest battle face as I dive in - time to make this girl cum so hard on camera, she'll throw out all her misconceptions about guys. It takes me some time but it fucking worked! "You'll make me cum if you keep doing that!", she whispers. So I keep doing it. Presley has a body shaking, strong orgasm, the kind where she reactively pushes your face away from her pussy and crosses her legs after cumming, while enjoying those post-orgasm shivers and shakes. So is Presley's orgasm real? You tell me - I repeat her orgasm for you as captured from all three camera angles. All I can say is that it's very hard for a girl to fake all those pussy contractions and juice while your mouth is on her. I think I still have some of hers in my mouth. Without giving away the rest of what happens let me just say that I do think Presley enjoys sex on camera enough and has the confidence to be doing this regularly. She also has the drive and the level-headedness to get with an agency and do some glitzy "pro"-porn in the future. So Presley's appearance here on Exploited College Girls might be the only time we get to see her real personality and looks. Too bad, I kinda liked the the way she is, feistiness and everything.
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Published 2012-01-05 03:10:59
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