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Taylor. I mean look at this girl! It's safe to say I love my "job". Super skinny with fantastic natural 32C's, I'm getting hard pretty much the second Taylor steps into my car. I'm picking her up from her parent's house. Turns out I didn't have to be so sneaky and park half a block away because...her Mom already knows! (Taylor doesn't reveal this little juicy tidbit until I drive her home at the end of the shoot) I know, you're thinking there's no way a girl tells her mom she's doing porn. But times have changed, brothers. Porn is now the cool thing to do for a lot of these kids these days. Taylor says her Mom doesn't approve but what is she gonna do about it, right? The outlook of bragging to her friends about being a pornstar (LOL!) outweighs any fears of being shunned by the 'rents. Taylor is not the first, nor will she be the last teen to do porn because it's the "it"-thing to do these days. And I'm not complaining. There isn't a moment when the girl doesn't smile and giggle. It's cute how she covers her mouth when she giggles after I'm saying something even remotely naughty. She clearly hasn't been exposed to my type of sexual frankness, which just makes it all hotter. The interview questions reveal that she currently doesn't have a boyfriend, masturbates a lot, and is as excited to fuck today as I am. Taylor's boobies are making a nice big bulge in her white top (and my pants) and I can't wait for her to show me her +2's. That is about the hardest thing to get Taylor to do - after she takes off her top (and then her pants...OMG that pussy is inviting!) our little Glendale Community College floozy becomes like putty in my hands. Read on... Taylor has that magical something that gets us guys in the mood with just her presence. You know what I mean just a few moments into the video. Usually there is a certain shyness barrier that must be broken. When cars drive by and Taylor realizes she's being seen by strangers in all her naked glory, her initial reservations about nudity and sex seem to vanish. At that point I usually know I have t
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Published 2011-03-23 17:58:08
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