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Money Talks is back, and we got Jack Napier. The man with one of the biggest cocks in the game joins Havoc in a real deal shock and awe campaign. Havoc and Napier walk around in hope of finding girls brave enough to look at his member. Then Havoc finds a guy in LA crazy enough to let her spray tan silly little dicks all over his head and body. After that we hit a little fireworks stand in search of some fourth of July talent, and as always the power of the dollar never fails us. After a little wheeling and dealing we get us a real deal redneck girl. It's not long before she jumps in the van with Jmac for a little roll in the hay. This babe gets a two gun salute all day long.
Cast Dasie May
Published 2010-09-22 12:53:25
ID 9585967
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