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Cinco De Mayo, outside of being a celebration of Mexican pride, is a great excuse... Its a great scapegoat for all the nasty things you do on the holiday. Oh shit, I did that, I dont even was Cinco De Mayo, dude. Chalk it up to that. I have reason to believe that these crazy college kids felt the same way when they recorded themselves in full blown orgy mode. To celebrate Cinco De Mayo, the boys and girls involved got themselves decked out in traditional Mexican regalia colorful sombreros and ponchos, maracas in one hand and got the party started in style. Once the festivities were underway, a freaky as all hell fuckfest went down quicker than you can say I dare you to fuck this pinata. This actually happens, I kid you not. One redhead babe in particular will blow your mind, shes outta control. But I will let you find that out for yourself...
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Published 2010-12-29 17:48:10
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