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Halie has never had an orgasm during sex. Ever. Only when she gets herself off, which is often. She's 18 and shockingly good already at playing the seductive know, the shy laugh, the overly sensual looks and touches, breathy, quiet voice, and all that stuff. It's sexy but I wasn't really buying it at first. I mean...she's only 18! She tells us how she had her first sexual encounter with a girl at 13, and then lost her virginity at 14. Hot story, but maybe she's just all talk, right? Well, I was in for a surprise when Halie kept it up and really got into the whole thing - especially after cumming super hard with the Sybian. Twice. In between Halie's first and second orgasm, Jay takes the controls and brings her close to cumming while she sucks his cock. That part is ridiculously hot, her facial expressions and moans as she's blowing him with the machine vibrating on her clit and in her pussy...HOT! Anyway, after that she gets to make herself cum once more with the Sybian and that one's appears to be her most intense orgasm ever. I don't think she's faking it either. Just watch and you know what I mean, you'll love it. At this point I'm just in awe how slutty and sexual this young lady is. More cocksucking commences, and then it's time for us to see how well she takes the cock. Verdict: pretty well. Her pussy is so tight that Jay actually has a hard time pulling OUT of Halie at one point. It's hilarious and hot at the same time. Halie moans and quivers and (I think) cums when she gets pounded on her back and on all fours. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are pretty long because they both are into it, so I split that up into two clips. Lots of Picture-in-Picture so you can see the penetration and Halie's facial expressions at the same time as much as possible. It's clear our redheaded college slut loves to fuck. The cum facial is like the literal icing on the cake - after Jay's usual bucket load of sperm make its way onto Halie's face, hair, and into her mouth, she smears some of the cum around with her hand and licks it up - without being asked to. She looks into all cameras to make sure you see how nasty she is. Yeah, she's a little attention whore and we love it. And so will you.
Cast Halie
Published 2012-05-16 12:44:05
ID 7156812
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