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Sometimes I look at a girl and think "Why the hell do YOU want to do porn?". They got everything going for them. They had a good upbringing, have plenty of friends, do well in school, and so on. Case in point: Nancy. She's 18 years old, daughter of upper middle income Asian-Americans, has a good head on her shoulders, and ...OH WAIT! Money! Ah yes, well, come right in, young lady. You want to take your friend to Disneyland (!) and need cash? No problem!...My point is, it's not always the insane girls with tons of emotional baggage who do porn, sometimes it's just a economic decision (and maybe need for attention, too). I liked that Nancy isn't pretending to be something she's not. No pornstar diva attitude here, just a shy young girl who wants to break out of her protective shell. I might've broken a bit too hard, actually. But hey, she said she likes it rough. She is nervous and honestly tells us so. It is her first (and probably last) time doing anything like this. Go head, try find her anywhere else. The only guys Nancy has had sex with were steady boyfriends. I'm happy she is breaking this awful tradition today with me. Another tradition we're breaking here is those 3-minute sex "sessions" she's admitted to enduring in the past ("my boyfriends never lasted that long..."). Being the subservient and obedient type, she doesn't balk or whine about any of the stuff I tell her to do. She is genuinely exhausted at the end, what with all the new stuff we did: toys (yes, that was new to her), lots of positions (most new to her too), asslicking (he he he), and a load of cum in her pussy. Wait, what? Yeah, I do the evil deed and inseminate our little fortune cookie while she is on top of me. I had asked her a bit earlier where she likes her boys to cum. She said "on" her. Fuck that, I'm thinking, I'm going to spooge you up from the inside. I don't tell her about my plans until it's too late. What a good girl. She deserves that trip to Disneyland and all the fan mail she's about to get. Just for fuck's sake, Nancy, make sure you take that morning after pill we talked about!...
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Published 2011-04-30 02:17:42
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