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Apparently, our submitter has filmed sex sessions with his ex girl over a dozen times and we can only hope we receive more submissions like this because the blonde in this GF Revenge video is a sexy freak. She takes pictures of her own tits and sends them to her friends. She also follows local rock bands as a sort of low-grade groupie. This scene happened after a show her boyfriend played. He pulls out his cock while the camera is rolling, and she goes to work. She gives him an amazing blow job that is porn starlet worthy. The two of them fuck like crazy all over the place, and he finishes by busting a nut on her lips and in her open mouth. This video is super hot. Afterward, she takes a shower, and he records the whole thing. But it turns out our submitter had an alternative motive for sending this XXX video to GFRevenge. Turns out he knew she was cheating on him with some of the other band members all along. Needless to say that the band went to shit right along with their relationship. But he got his revenge in the end. He got to show what a freak his ex is and expose his band mates, all while make a cool chunk of change.
Published 2012-10-24 00:46:48
ID 4982234
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