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Guess who referred Cassi to me? Her roommate - Maggie! Yes, that one. While Cassi has a boyfriend (poor, clueless bastard...), she's also crushing on Maggie quite a bit. So far nothing ever happened between those two girls but maybe some ECG magic can solve that in the future. Today though it's all about Cassi. Our 19 year old East Coast transplant admits she likes to fuck her boyfriend while watching porn and fantasize about getting nasty for the whole world to see. Hey, I'm not judging. Attention is a big motivator for some girls. I'm just glad I can facilitate her desire. We transform Cassi's every-day self so she looks her best, have her flash for food, and then let her show off those skills she says she has learned from watching all those porn movies. Verdict? After cumming hard masturbating for us, and taking a plug in her ass while getting off once more with the Rabbit vibrator on her clit, Cassi gives Jay one of the most intense blowjobs of all time. She deep throats herself on his cock, spit is flying everywhere, and it seems like Cassi's college major is Porn Performance 101. And she's passing all tests with flying colors. INTENSE is all I can say. And this girl is only 19! When she talks to you she comes across as a normal next-door good-girl. I love surprises like that. It's great to have a girl here who likes to fuck solely for the fun of it and really get into the action, including when Jay plays a little rough with her. There's no whining or negotiating for breaks - Cassi enjoys fucking Jay non-stop, and it shows. By the time Cassi is on top of him, her hair is a sweaty mess from all the intense fucking. But she keeps going and cumming. Jay barely gets her off his cock in time to shoot his huge cum load in her mouth and all over her face. I'm surprised she didn't drown. Whether Cassi continues fucking on film in the future or not, I'm glad ECG was her first stop. She got to be her (naughty) self and cum as much as she wanted. I think this was a great first experience for her. Now if we can just get Maggie and Cassi together one of these days I think we pretty much made Cassi's year. Let's see what I can do here...
Cast Cassi
Published 2012-02-08 20:54:14
ID 4962075
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