Mom seduces her stepson

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Velvet recently got married to a guy and she loves him a lot and wants to stay with him for the rest of her life. However his adult son, Nick, lives with the couple and Velvet is noticing a problem that she is attracted to him. Nick is also attracted to Velvet as he watches her around the house. The two of them want to be good and don't engage in the taboo sex between stepmom and stepson. However one day when Velvet's husband was away they had a little talk that turned sexual. Velvet promises she can keep a secret if Nick can. They both start in on some foreplay and before he knows it, Nick is banging his stepmom in his father's house.
Cast Velvet Licx, Nick East
Published 2012-07-10 22:10:15
ID 4281959
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