Sex in a bar with tanned hottie

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We get some hot sex in a bar in this video. In Miami, everyone with boats takes them out on Columbus Day weekend and docks them together on sand bars. Our submitter shot this video of an old girlfriend during the holiday. Everyone got wild while partying all day. The lighting is pretty weird, but it is clear that this Latina babe is outrageous. She rides this dude's cock like a real cowgirl She then gets up to change positions, and shows us her unbelievable ass. She just turns around and rides his cock some more while we get the full view of her ass and pussy from behind. Man, she works that ass amazingly. It is a must see home video clip. This guy claims that they were so ... they didn't even notice that they were being filmed. In the end, he got the video tape and kept it in his possession. That is, until he found out that he could get a huge cash prize by submitting it to He submitted this great amateur tape along with his apologies to his ex for submitting this video for the world to see.
Published 2012-10-31 00:24:09
ID 4007757
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