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Abigail looked cute in her little schoolgirl uniform as she would slowly undress and tease with her blouse. She finally revealed her nice sized titties and tweaked her own nipples. She then ran a hand down the length of her body and began to rub her pussy from behind. She pulled her panties to the side and showed off her cute little shaved holes. She was wearing boy pants and a tie as she started to masturbate her own pussy. She stuck two fingers inside of her wet hole and gave herself a good stretching. Then Abigail pulled out a giant sex toy and sucked on it before ramming it into her cunt. She fucked herself nice and deep with the toy as she then got up on all fours and started giving her sweet pussy a little doggy style action until she made herself cum.
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Published 2009-11-25 22:16:18
ID 2309528
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