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Do you like Beetlejuice, Extreme Sports, Naked Chicks, Motorcycles, Wet asses, Breathing, and humongous buttholes? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are going to love this episode. We took some of your favorite extreme sports, but we played them with a twist. With hot naked chicks that kinda suck at sports except they look hot all the time. Dont miss a minute of the crazy action as Nadine is joined by her special guest host... Beetlejuice. Ever been to a blackout party? Neither have we, but we heard some freaky ass shit be going on at these parties, so naturally we decided to throw one. We put out an anonymous ad for a Blackout Party and low and behold some hot little chicks showed up. Lucky for us these two smokin babes were willing to party MoneyTalks style.
Cast Beverly
Published 2008-11-27 00:42:02
ID 2278035
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