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Today, sexy Milf Kalani Breeze stopped by my office looking for some part-time pay. Her girlfriends told her that Bang Bros was the place to be! Kalani came in wearing a leopard print tube top and a pair of booty shorts, looking very sexy. I had her take her clothes off so I could get a better look at her body. My cock became hard as a brick wall once I seen that this babe had huge tits, a perfect round ass, and a thick pussy with juicy lips. After seeing what Kalani's body looked like, I wasted no time at all laying her on my desk, fucking her while she screamed with pleasure. Her pussy lips clamped on my cock, squeezing it as I fucked her and busted a nut all over her face. You guys need to check this sexy Milf in action. Enjoy!
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Published 2011-02-05 21:40:15
ID 1743998
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