Cute Kaydence in backroom casting

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Hey Kaydence, the 80's called - it wants its clothes back. I think this chick is mostly here so her boyfriend can say he's banging a pornstar. Or he's not doing her right because she's awfully into getting fucked by a stranger she just met. Pussy cum and everything (which I make her lick off my cock, of course). Kaydence is way too quiet and nice to do the dirty on camera as a regular job so I count my blessings here. She's gotta work on lovin' the cum, though, porn career or not. She tries talking me into jizzing on her tits or belly. No dice. "Close your eyes and open your mouth" I say and she does. I don't think she's opened her eyes again ever since...
Cast Kaydence
Published 2013-06-23 19:50:42
ID 1412656
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